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“When I started treatments with you last year, I suffered from sciatic pain at a level that prohibited me from standing more than about five minutes or walking further than around sixty yards. My condition was post-surgical, after extensive work on my lower back that, according to my MRIs, resulted in the movement of the problem from one spot to another.

Now I walk for an hour every weekday morning at a fast pace, with no pain. I bike on Saturdays and can stand for as long as I want. My hobby, pre-surgery was hiking. I’m happy to say that, after a two year suspension, I have a hike planned for November.

Thanks for your massage work and advice on exercise, stretching, the inversion table and much more. You got me back on my feet again.”

~ Douglas Wm. Elliott, CFP

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Tracy Alan Jones, MSW, LMT, Certified Golf- Titleist Performance Institute

Tracy holds both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Social Work from the University of Illinois and holds a Massage Therapy Technician certification from the Myotherapy Institute of Utah.                                                                                                                                 He is an International Instructor of Manual Therapy (ie Neurosomatic Therapy), a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist and is a golf fitness expert as a Certified Titleist Performance Institute graduate.                                                                                                          Tracy's additional accomplishments include, serving as a guest presenter at the World Congress on Posturology in 2006 hosted in San Paulo, Brazil.                                                                                                                                                                                                Tracy is also the Producer/Editor of a Seven (7) DVD set of educational information on Neurosomatic Therapy Components, including: (1) Posturology 101, (2) Posturology 202, (3) Integrative Approaches to Low Back Pain, (4) Integrative Approaches to Cervical Pain, (5) Integrative Approaches to Shoulder Pain, (6) Integrative Approaches to Extremity Pain, and (7) Radiology for Allied Health Professionals.

He is currently the Team Massage Therapist for the University of Notre Dame Track & Field Team (Big East & NCAA Championships)

He has worked professionally with 20+ All Americans in Volleyball, Track & Field, and Softball. In addition, have worked with the following collegiate sports: Swimming & Diving, Gymnastics, Football, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Dance, Cheerleading, Hockey, Crew/Rowing, Cycling, and Basketball.

Worked professionally with Professional athletes involved in the NFL Football, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, and Triathletes.

Tracy Fixes Broken People

Sports Massage Professional Tracy Alan Jones knows what it’s like to experience the crushing weight of severe and debilitating chronic pain. He struggled with a serious back injury while in undergraduate pre-medicine training at the University of Illinois. This challenge required almost three years to resolve. He sought help from doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists prior to finally finding a successful outcome via hands-on massage therapy treatment. This personal victory over the pain and feelings of despair and hopelessness occurred early in Tracy's college career and it influenced his decision to pursue a career in social work as well as massage therapy. Tracy became a product of his experiences and they molded him into a caring professional with a receptive, yet critical mind. He now walks a life path where he can enjoy what he does. This path is rich because he can employ his feelings of empathy, but yet educate and empower individuals to help themselves. In addition, Tracy continues to work at mastering the art of being a good and open-minded skeptic.

Tracy Helps People & Athletes Run Faster, Jump Higher, and Perform Better at Sports, including Golf!

Tracy Alan Jones works with dedicated athletes of all ages. His clientele ranges from elementary school-aged athletes to seasoned professional athletes in a variety of sports.

As a licensed Sports Massage Professional since 1992, Tracy has also contributed significantly to the development of a specialized manual therapy area known as Neurosomatic Therapy (NST). He actively shares the exciting aspects of this knowledge via continuing education seminars and is intent on developing superior professionals in the field of massage therapy. His professional graduates currently work with many high school and collegiate athletes, as well as with numerous professional sports franchises.

Pain Management : those individuals suffering from Chronic Pain, Post Surgical Injuries, and Dental Work Recovery

Musicians: Vocalists and musicians benefit from Tracy’s expertise and experience related to the fine motor control, strength and intricate workings of the jaw muscles, including those located in the inner mouth, the TMJ muscles, and the glottis muscles which help to control the shaping of the tongue. Others like the pharyngeal constrictor, open and control the throat.                                                                                                                                     

Additional concerns for these professional performers include logistics, posture, and tool function (the ability to breathe; improve functional lung capacity and the ability to relax /control the muscles of neck and throat).


Tracy is indeed a proud parent. His 24-year old daughter is currently studying Fashion Design, and she provides much of Tracy’s graphic designs and artwork and his 17-year old son is presently applying to Stanford to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

Currently, Tracy is a Clearwater resident, and he is the new proud parent of two puppies, Bella, a Maltee-jack and Piglet, a silky Yorkie.